Feb 14, 2011

Valentine Projects

Here are a few gifts I worked on and gave as Valentine gifts this year. This first one I had my kiddos help with to give to their "World Class Dad".

We painted the piece of wood black, let it dry and then rubbed some wax from a candle stick over it in different areas and painted it red. Once the red paint was dried we used a scouring pad to rub off the wax which let the black show through. We all went through magazines looking for words that best described or reminded us of the wonderful man in our lives, I call "Hubby" and they call "Dad". Once we had enough to fill a heart shape we used Mod Podge to glue them on and to seal over them and the whole board. Once that was all dried we added nails in a heart shape and useed a combination of black cord, thread, and wire to complete the heart. We then added twine, so it can be hung. It will also look good on an easel.

This next project I made for my son's teacher. I filled a frappuccino bottle with Rolos and then added the sentiment. I used copper embossing powder for the car and on the blue paper I think it "pops" nicely. :)

These next projects are digital projects that I put together for my son's class Valentine Party. I included a couple of ideas for the coupons and left four others for them to personalize. I made covers with owls for the boys and ones with birds for the girls. They were a big hit and I know that the receiver of these coupons will be very appreciative as well.

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