Dec 7, 2010

More Christmas Decorating Ideas

Here are some more ideas I have used around the house this season to help make things more festive. Below is a picture of a centerpiece I put together for our dining room table. It is a clear glass vase that I etched the deer and word "Joy" on, I then filled it with red bulbs and topped with a couple of berry sprigs. Fun, Easy and Festive! I am selling these embossed vases for $8. Pictures of ones I already have made up are located in my store at: Glass etching can be done on any glass and mirror surface, so if you would like for me to etch on a vase, cookie jar, glass plate, mirror, etc. for you, just let me know!

Here is a red plate that I added the word "Noel" to with white vinyl.

For one of my shelves in my Hutch, I made this festive "Noel" frame. I stamped and white embossed the medallion on black paper and used red vinyl on the glass for the word "Noel". I am selling frames like this for $6 with the word "Joy" or "Noel".

Another fun project that I made was for the kiddos. I used a clipboard to create this Countdown to Christmas. My son enjoys changing the numbers on it everyday. I sell altered clipboards starting at $10.