Jul 2, 2010

Fun Gift Ideas

Here are some fun and simple gift ideas that you can make! This first one is a small desk calendar that I made out of chipboard and paper. I recently purchased the Bind-it-All! I had fun using it on this project.

This one is a small magnetic calendar that I also made out of chipboard and paper. I glued magnets on the back, so it can easily displayed on a fridge or anything else metal!

This little project uses a card sized envelope. You seal the envelope and cut off the top part, so it can be used as a lid. You then use the crimping tool to crimp the envelope, which makes it small enough to fit inside of the piece you cut off for the lid. I enclosed a little magnet inside which was made out of chipboard, paper, and stickers.

Here is a diaper folded pouch. Yep, you fold a square piece of paper like a diaper, embellish and fill with goodies. I used a 12x12 sheet of paper for this project.

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  1. Wow! What beautiful gifts!!! Love your blog!!!

    Understand Blue