Jun 25, 2010

Window Frame Message Board

This is my most recent project. We just finished with a basement remodel. I kept the old windows, so I could use them to create message boards. Here is what I did and how it turned out.

Ok, I have no idea why this picture keeps flipping on me, but I took the window and spray painted it the color that I wanted. Once it was dry I glued cork board into the center pane and cut two pieces of metal flashing for the other two panes.

I then covered the metal flashing with fabric and glued them into the two side panes.

To finish this project off I used a rub-on saying, screwed hooks on the two bottom front corners, and put picture hangers on the back side. I am tickeled at how it turned out. What do you think?

A perfect fit!!


  1. This turned out GREAT!! Thanks for sharing, like your blog too! Mary (craftymomto2-SCS)

  2. I think I want to come crafting (as in make one of these windows, too) in your way cool room!
    What a great idea. Do you have more windows, I wonder how well these would sell as a craft fair?
    Sharon (tat2girl - scs)

  3. The use of composite plastics reduces the use of natural resources, and the frames are easily recyclable. Composite windows are low maintenance, are resistant to fading, have high insulation properties and dimensional stability.